MegaPirate/Arducopter Setup

What is MegaPirate ?

Program on the flight controller: MegaPirate = Arducopter
Software on PC: MegaPirate = Arducopter
Hardware: MegaPirate = MultiWii Mega

How to upload the flight controller program to MultiWii Mega board ?
By using Arduino on PC/Mac

How to change parameters of a MegaPirate based drone ?
By using the Arducopter’s Ground Station on PC

How to set the flight controller program correctly and upload it to MultiWii Mega board ? 

Step 0:
Download the latest version of MegaPirateNG from here.
Connect your MultiWii Mega board to PC/Mac by a micro usb cable.

Step 1:
Open the folder “ArduCopter” and double click on the Arduino file “ArduCopter.ino”.

Step 2:
Point the Arduino sketchbook location to the MegaPirateNG_2 folder. If you skip this step you will get a compilation error because the Arduino won’t find the libraries used in the MegaPirate program.

Step 3:
Restart the Arduino software.

Step 4:
Open the file “ArduCopter.ino” again. Go to page “APM_Config.h” and define the right sensor board. The MultiWii Mega board has the same sensor axis arrangement as PIRATES_DROTEK_10DOF_MPU. Define the transmitter channel set as TX_wmi.

Step 5:
Define the GPS on the same page.

Step 6:
Define the drone’s frame type. For example, a quad+.

Step 7:
Go to page “config.h” and define the GYRO’s address as 0x68.

Step 8:
Choose the Arduino board type.

Step 9:
Choose the usb port which is connected the MultiWii Mega.

Step 10:
Click on the upload button and wait to the end of uploading. You will get the message “Done uploading” when it’s finished.

Open the Arducopter’s Ground Station to set parameters and personalized functions. From here, all will be the same thing as you are using a drone based on Arducopter.

* The Arducopter’s Ground Station is a PC software. So Mac users had better to use MultiWii.