MultiWii GUI

Step 0:

Connect the flight controller (Pro Mini or MultiWii Mega) to your PC/Mac
– For Pro Mini with separated IMU users, you have to use a FTDI.
– For MultiWii Mega board users, you can use directly a micro USB cable.

Step 1:
Choose the application of your platform. Windows32, Mac, Linux, etc.

Step 2:
Select the USB port which connects the flight controller

Step 3:
Click on “Start” to visualize the sensors data.

Step 4:
Click on “Read” to load all the PID settings

Step 5:
For the first time you use the transmitter to control your MultiWii you have to trim all the channels.

All the channels must have 1500 in the middle, lower than 1095 on the down/left side, higher than 1905 on the up/right side.

As the YAW channel will be used to ARM your drone (make all the motors running and stopping), you’d better make the channel value lower than 1085 on the left side and higher than 1915 on the right side. For example, if you have a value range from 1095 to 1905 and you trim the YAW channel to right side when you are flying your drone, the whole value range will be moved and you won’t get a value smaller than 1095 on the left side than you won’t be able to shut the motors down. The same thing for other channels, every channel has special functions to setup the drone.

Step 6:
Personalize all the switch channels on the transmitter

Step 7:
Make sure the sensors work correctly

 Make your drone left side up, right side down:
The curves of MAG_ROLL, ACC_ROLL and GYRO_ROLL will go up immediately.
The curves of MAG_Z and ACC_Z will go down immediately.

Back up, front down:
The curves of MAG_PITCH, ACC_PITCH and GYRO_PITCH will go up immediately.
The curves of MAG_Z and ACC_Z will go down immediately.

Rotate in clockwise direction:
The curve of GYRO_YAW will go up immediately.

 – Keep your drone staying on the floor:
The values of MAG_Z and ACC_Z are both positive.

If you get all the sensors giving the right values when you are moving your drone, normally the ROLL and PITCH will react correctly with your drone’s movement. As you’ve never calibrated the MAG, so the white arrow who shows the heading direction is perhaps not working correctly here. It can change direction when you are changing the roll or the pitch angle. It doesn’t matter. After calibrating the MAG, all will work perfectly.

– For Pro Mini users, the IMU is powered by ESC, if you connect only the FTDI to power the flight controller, the LED on the IMU won’t light up. You will get I2C errors. You have to use a lipo to light up the IMU.

Step 8:
Calibrate the ACC and GYRO

Step 9:
Arm the motors to have a look (WITHOUT propellers)

If the values change very quickly (like jumping up and down) when you are not touching your transmitter and your drone is on a flat table, you will have to balance your motors and change a good frame to eliminate vibrations.

Step 10:
Calibrate the MAG

Press the mag calibration button in the MultiWii GUI or activate the calibration mode by transmitter’s sticks. The status led will be flashing for the next 30 seconds.

You have 30 seconds to rotate the drone around all the axis
– 360 degree around the yaw axis
– 360 degree around the pitch axis
– 360 degree around the roll axis

Step 11:
Review the sensors on GUI, check if the MAG works well.

Step 12:
Keep the default PID setting and get a try outside