set PID for the first time

* We don’t talk about the theory here but just to help you to take an outdoor try quicker.

* Upload a video and ask us why your drone doesn’t work by mail if you want. (in french or in english)

Try to take off with the default PID settings of MultiWii. (Calibrate ACC and GYRO on a flat surface before arming the motors)

– If the drone shakes like nervous and is not flyable, you will have to balance the motors and propellers. You don’t need to go further with the terrible vibration you have. Sometimes you need to change a frame.

– If the drone can take off but not very stable, you will do some PID tuning.


Increase PITCH and ROLL’s P, the drone will be stronger, it holds better his angle/position.   For a 8″ or 10″ quadcopter, you can go up to 8 – 12. If your drone starts to shake, you’d better reduce a little bit the P value. Or increase the D value.

The PITCH and ROLL’s I value need to be feel. Increase it to maximum or middle and you will know what it changes.

By reducing the P value and increasing the D value a non-flyable drone can be flyable but you’d better reduce the vibration which comes from the motor, propeller and the frame. That will improve the IMU data reading. It helps a lot to get a better performing for GPS functions, gimbal stabilization, etc.


The LEVEL’s P works for the auto stabilization. Higher value will make the drone more stable or get back to the stable/flat position quicker. A higher LEVEL’s I value gives the drone more power to get back to the stable/flat position. It’s you who decide how much P and I your drone needs. ( higher I asks lower P )


Some transmitters offer the throttle curve editing function. You don’t have to change it. Try some value and find your best feeling.



If you want to make the stick controls less sensitive you can consider the curve in this image. These values change the maximum angle that your drone tilts and the curve between the angle of the pitch axis or the roll axis and your stick control.


A very comprehensive video to show the difference between different values: link