set ESC in multi-rotor mode

All of the ESC must be set in multicopter mode that means :
For Hobbywing, Turnigy ESCs:
1 Brake: OFF ON
2 Battery Type: Li-xx Ni-xx (Even you use lipo batteries!)
3 Cut Off Type: Soft Hard
4 Cut Off Voltage: Low Middle High
5 Start Mode: Normal Soft Very soft
6 Timing Mode: Low Middle High
Manual download: ESC Hobbywing

For Sunnysky ESC :
• Brake: OFF
• Battery type: NiCad/NiMh
• Low voltage cutoff threshold: Low (2.8V/50%)
• Timing setup: High
• Soft Acceleration Start Up: Start Acceleration
• Governor mode: OFF
• Frequency: 16kHz
• Low voltage cutoff type: Reduce power
Manual download: ESC Sunnysky