MultiWii Mega

The FULL FEATURED all-in-one flight controller for MultiWii.

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See the GPS position hold test video :

Main Features:
﹡MultiWii / MegaPirateNG Firmware Supported!!
﹡CPU: ATmega2560
﹡Acc+Gyro: MPU6050 (a real progress for having a perfect stabilization)
﹡Mag: HMC5883L (for “Heading hold”, “Carefree” and GPS functions)
﹡Baro: MS5611-01BA01 (for “ALT Hold”, greater precision than BMP085 )
﹡Up to 8-aixs motor output
﹡Up to 8 radio input channels
﹡4 Serial ports(1 for PC/Mac connection, 1 for GPS module, 1 for telemetry)
﹡2 servos output for 2-axis gimbal system
﹡1 servo output for camera trig
﹡4 Analog I/O for extended devices
﹡On board Lipo monitor (support 3S, 4S lipo)
﹡On board FT232RQ USB to UART converter (save money on FTDI)
﹡3.3V and 5V I2C (for sensors like sonar, optical flow sensor board)
﹡ Buzzer (low battery indicator, control feedback)
﹡LED indicators (power LED, status LED, stable LED and alarm LED)
﹡Match the standard of RoHS
﹡45x45mm mounting holes(Hole diameter: 3mm)

Package Contents:
﹡Multiwii/MegaPirate Mega All-in-One (all the headers are soldered) ×1
﹡JST 2.00mm 3Pin cable ×1
﹡6Pin GPS cable x1 (if you buy a GPS at the same time)
﹡External LED with cable ×2 (there are onboard LEDs we don’t offer external LEDs any more)
﹡Buzzer with cable ×1

GPS Board Features:
 * 115200bps(or 38400bps), 10Hz, with rechargeable backup battery
﹡MediaTek MT3329 66 channel GPS chipset
﹡High sensitivity: Up to -165dBm tracking
﹡Position accuracy: < 3m
﹡Maximum update rate: up to 10Hz
﹡3D Fix blue LED indicator
﹡Hot Start 1 second typical
﹡Warm Start 33 seconds typical
﹡Cold Start 35 seconds typical
﹡Very low power consumption:25mA acquisition, 20mA tracking
﹡Built-in rechargeable coin battery for RTC backup power to decrease Time To Fix after power reconnection
﹡Built-in patch antenna for reduced size
﹡Serial TTL Interface with default baud rate 115200 bps
﹡NMEA and Binary protocol
﹡Includes cable adapter
﹡2 GPS connection modes(pluged onboard or use a cable)
﹡Firmware( 10Hz, 115200bps) loaded

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MultiWii Connect Diagram:

MegaPirate Connect Diagram: