MultiWii Setup

We take Multiwii 2.1 for example.
Download the latest version of Arduino and open “MultiWii_2_1.ino”. Go to the page “config.h”.

For MultiWii Mega All-in-One users:

If you are going to make an X style quadcopter. You have to uncomment these lines:

#define QUADX

#define FREEIMUv043

#define GPS_SERIAL 2
#define GPS_BAUD   115200

#define BUZZER

#define VBAT

Download the MultiWii Mega documentation.

For Arduino Pro Mini & IMU users:

Choose the frame type of your drone:

If you know the name of your IMU please uncomment directly the right line on page “config.h”.

If you can’t find the IMU’s name on that page or your IMU doesn’t work correctly. You have to define all the sensors separately and correct the axis of every sensor.

Go to page “make IMU working correctly” for more information.

How to upload the program onto the flight controller:

1. Define the board you are using.

Mega users choose the Arduino Mega 2560.

Pro Mini users choose the Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5V, 16MHz) w/ ATmega328.

2. Select the serial port you are using

3. Click on “Verify” button

4. If you get “Done compiling” that means no error in the program.

5. Click on the “Upload” button

6. When the process is over you will get “Done uploading”

7. Time to use MultiWii GUI

Click to continue.